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Home Health Care Products and Medical Equipment and Supplies

We offer a broad spectrum of home health care products and medical equipment and supplies to cater to the growing needs of our clients. We guarantee you safe and high-quality products as these are always monitored by our in-house pharmacists to ensure your safety and health. Whether you need wound care products or a monitoring assistance device, our pharmacy has it all.

Below are the home health care products and medical supplies we provide:

Wound Care

Sterile Gauze
Blood Clotting Agents
Scar Dressing
Wound Cleanser
Calcium Alginates
Silver Dressings
Surgical Dressings

Mobility Assistance

Pediatric Wheelchair
Geriatric Wheelchair
Adjustable Positioning Wheel Chair Support
Three-Position Recliners
Elevation Wheel Chairs
Quad Sticks
Canes and Walkers

Monitoring and Support Systems

Digital Ear Thermometer
Blood Glucose Exam Kit with free strips
Blood Pressure Monitor
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Nebulizers and Compressors
Portable Oxygen Supplies

Durable Medical Equipment

Adjustable Back Shower Gurney
Safe Bath Seat Riser
Medical Folding Steel Commode
Bathtub and Shower Transfer Bench

Purchase all your needs here at Manshadi Pharmacy! Please contact the Manshadi Pharmacy nearest you: North shore 250-434-2526 or South Shore: 250-372-2223.

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